Meet the Team

Rashi Panjabi

Managing Director

Altruistic, Ardent, Resilient, Cartoon Lover, Game-changer, Pragmatic, Thinker, Diligent, Dreamer, Reader, Inquisitive.

About Ms. R. Panjabi, Director of the Group, holds an MBA from University of Illinois Urbana Champagne, IL, USA and a Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurship from Babson College, MA, USA. She is also an Accredited ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructors, trained under Tony Buzan in Dubai. She conducts workshops for Mind Mapping, which is a thinking tool that helps with creativity and memory. She is the Originator of the Adventure Mini Golf Project & Readers Paradise Library, and is responsible for handling these ventures independently. Random Fact about me I’m crazy for all things in Fuchsia What Baffles Me? Plurals…Fish – Fish, Cat – Cats, Goose – Geese, Child – Children. Please explain. My Super Power Remembering Random Facts Best Advice Never Trouble Trouble, until Trouble Troubles You!

Malcolm Luis

Manager – Wafi Branch

Dangerous, Quiet, Gods Child, Devil’s Advocate, Angel Likes

I, ME and MYSELF . I’m never seen without BAZOOKA & SMARTNESS If I won a million dhs Go to a casino in Vegas & make at least 100 million dollars Life’s motto Be a good learner and always do my best

Umesh Yadav

Manager – Dalama Mall

Reliable, Honest, Positive, Focused, Cheerful, Self disciplined.

About Moved to Abu Dhabi in the year 2015 and started working with Inexco Innovations as Manager for Tee & Putt Mini Golf, Abu Dhabi Branch.:-) Life’s motto Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.What baffles me Actually Nothing.Likes and Dislikes I always like to learn new things. If I won a Million Dhs I will buy my dream house and car..


Admin Assistant

Dedicated, Patient, Sensible, Witty, Serendipity, Amazing, Music-Fan, Movie Enthusiast, Coffee-lover, Hopeless Romantic, Endearing, Calm, Listener, Crazy

About Maria aka Noweli is an Admin Assistant, who has been in Dubai for more than 3 years. She’s from the Embroidery Capital of the Philippines, Lumban, Laguna. She’s the youngest of two sisters. She loves her family and misses them so much. Fun facts about me I love reading books, but I have a good habit of reading the 1st few chapters only and then jump to the last page ^_^ I’m never seen without my … Hair clip. Likes Eating, Chatting, Taking Selfies / Groupies, Listening, Staring, Waiting at the Metro ^_^ also likes complicated things Dislikes Totally Hate High Heels ^_^ If I won a million Dhs I will give to my Mom ^_^ (She will decide what to do with it) Life’s motto “Life is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get – Forest Gump” Favourite expression “Waaaaaaahhhhhh”

Iaron Yutuc

Graphic Designer / Office Assistant

About Anime Fan, Nature Explorer, Animal Lover, Foodie, Joyful, Loud.Likes TV Series, Dragons, Arts, Pets, Dancing, Gardening, Swimming.Dislikes Mustard, Liars, Cheaters.Life’s motto Live , Love & Laugh. Best AdviceJust be yourself.


Marketing Executive

Friendly smiley I love travelling I like my job

Likes Knowledge music nature.Dislikes Horror movies and highlands.Life’s motto life is like a spectrum every day imagine it in color for be happy.Best advicealways be optimistic whatever the fate.

Lorela S. Mariano

Host/ Customer Service/Decorator

Caring, Passionate,  Eating, Creative, Dreamer,Loving, Cool, Honest, Religious, Thoughtful About

Host/ Customer Service/Decorator, married with two kids, moved to Dubai in July, 2007. Favourite website youtube Life’s motto Honesty is the best policy If I won a million dhs I will go back in my country to build my own business… Give my children the best education Charity then family Likes Watching TV series On the weekend I love to be with my children and go to church

Jake Tee and putt mini golf uae


Ambitious, Passionate, Creative, Spirited, Caring, Cool, Honest, Thoughtful, Friendly, Talented About I work as a party host, customer service, and entertainer. I am married with two kids. Just recently moved to Dubai and got an opportunity to be associated with Tee & Putt Mini Golf:-) Favourite Movies Superman Returns, Walking Dead & Fast and Furious My Super Power God and my family Favourite Food Chicken Adobo, all Filipino dish and Seafood. If I won a Million Dhs I just hope I spend it wisely…


Balloon decorator

Hardworking, Imaginative, Artistic, Thoughtful, Dreamer

About From Philippines, working in Tee & Putt Mini Golf as a balloon decorator. I love to face paint and trying out new designs with balloons. Likes Watching movies, spending time with my family Life’s motto Everything happens for the best. If I won a million dhs Build a house in my home country, pay off my loans of course What baffles me Strong accent


Customer Service/Party Host

Listener, Positive, Friendly, Jolly, Loving, Caring, Happy, Sweet, Very Religious, humble.

AboutFrom Philippines, single, shy type of person however people say that I am humorous. Working as party host and customer service in Tee & Putt Mini Golf. Likes Positive and humble people Life’s motto? You live only once, live your life to the fullest. Best advice Leave it to God and everything’s gonna be alright Dislikes Liars and rumours!


Party Host/Balloon Artist


AboutLoves to watch movies and listening to music, loves to eat yogurt, love kids, friendly person.You will never see me withoutRed lipstick and face powderDislikes LIARS and spicy foods. Life’s motto If others can why can’t I. Believe in yourself if no one beleves in you!


Events Host / Entertrainer

Having great intuition, Resourceful, Thoughtful.

AboutI prefer coffee over tea and pepsi over coke!Favourite foodPasta, chicken wings and French fries.Dislikes Math, math and math…lolBest Advice Remember you’ll always regret what you didn’t do rather than what you did, so, do what makes you happy, be with the one who makes you smile, laugh as much as you can breathe and love as long as you live!MottoNo regrets in life. Just lessons learned.


Host/ Balloon Decorater/Face Painter

AboutI’m a very passionate, easy going person who loves to eat and cook.LikesArt, home-based hobbies, helping loved ones.Dislikes Strangers and fear of heights. If I will have a superpower I want to have the power to fly so that I could travel anywhere I see the world.Motto Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.


Cashier/ Customer Service

Optimist, Creative, Spirited, Ardent, Honest, Caring>

AboutGenerous, Great sense of humor!Favourite website youtube. Likes freedom, travel and being outdoors.If i had a million dhs?i would give some to my family and my friends, i will save some for future investments and most importantly give some to homeless and to the charity.Life’s mottoBe who you want to be, not what others want to see!

Sam Sajorda

Party Host/ Customer Service

AboutSimple, sweet, warm, trustworthy, homey, serene, nature lover, puppet fanatic & food explorer.Likes Classics in Music & Movies; country homes, Plants & Farming; Travelling, Dawn & Dusk; Sesame Street & Broadway; Shopping.DislikesReptiles. Life’s motto The Golden Rule.Best AdviceNever stop learning.Winning 1 million DirhamsI will buy a farm and the rest will be saved for business.