Birthdays at Tee & Putt


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A fun based activity, perfect for everyone. These courses are movable and can be installed at your location during any event such as team events , family fun fairs or special celebrations.Many other team building activities such as creative team games or glow in the dark T-Shirt painting are conducted (indoor or outdoor) to engage and entertain the guests while maintaining a healthy environment during the event.


Unlimited 18 hole mini golf play

It is a Space themed is all about education and fun, as mini golf has mental, social and physical benefits. While playing, they learn about science terms like Newton's Third Law in a space-themed and other skills like hand-eye coordination, teamwork, motion, strategy, creative play and at the same time learn about glow in the dark fluorescent lighting.

Baby Shower

A baby shower is a special time to celebrate one of life’s greatest milestones with mom-to-be and her closest friends and family. There is a particular reason this special celebration takes the title “baby shower” as the mom-to-be should feel a downpour of love and support. Whether in the form of baby shower gifts or thoughtful well wishes and baby shower messages, it’s the small gestures that go a long way. You decide the theme ‘We Make It Happen’

Puzzle Escape Room

Its a challenge for kids to unlock the boxes using clues that we provide. They will use Science, Maths, Geography & English skills. We have a game set for each year available from Year 3 - Year 8.“There is always LEARNING at Tee & Putt Mini Golf”

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